Why has Juventus F.C. lost the 2017 Champions League?

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La pesante sconfitta della Juventus nella finale di Champions con il Real Madrid del 3 giugno scorso, ci offre la possibilità di analizzare la nefasta influenza delle aspettative rispetto a qualcosa che deve ancora succedere, in qualunque campo: una gara, un appuntamento, un esame, un lavoro, la nostra vita.
In… Read more

Interview with Timothy Gallwey

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This video interview, in English with Italian translation, was realized at the end of Tim’s keynote speech at the Master in Business Coaching by Noema HR in Milan, on March the 17th, 2017.… Read more

Are we the victims of a cruel fate?

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We often think that we cannot win against adversities. Is this really true?

This is what I asked myseld the other day when I went to practice my swing on the driving range. As I had not been practicing for some time, due to work commitments, I was not surprised… Read more

Want to improve yourself? Ring a Coach!

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“Over the years, the purpose of coaching has shifted from problem solving toward proactive leadership development. Today, overwhelmingly, business leaders see leadership development as the key purpose of coaching. It has become the mark of an up and coming leader.”
This quote is from the 11° Executive Coaching Survey 2016,… Read more

Experience your golf with a ICF Mental Coach

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Stop chatting about it! Would you like to lower the volume of your inner talk? Experience directly (and for free!) the real power of your game with a ICF Mental Coach! With the help of a coach you will discover how to reduce the mental interference which influence your golf… Read more

Easy Coaching Christmas Gift Card

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This Christmas donate an Easy Coaching Gift Card. By purchasing from this website a single 60 minutes session at €65,00 (offer valid from December 16th 2015 until January 15th 2016, for remote coaching sessions via Skype or telephone) you will be granted a 90 minutes session which you can donate… Read more

Coaching is tricky…

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“Coaching is tricky. It forces you to analyse and look again at the things you do. It forces you to move and sweat. It lifts you from the ground and makes you see things differently. It encourages and pushes you to modify your certainties and look for something more useful… Read more

An inside look at Coaching consumers

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Happy Second Birthday Easy Coaching!

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Today, August 29th 2015, is the second birthday of Easy Coaching website  and I would like to celebrate it by catching a few minutes of your attention to share some thoughts on Coaching and Easy Coaching  mission. One clear benefit of having a website blog is to write, therefore externalize,… Read more

Harmony between two poles

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Master Ming, what is rhythm? Rhythm is time and space, Yin and Yang. When you move the arm, as in the bear paw (movement of the Tai Ki Kung “Father” sequence),  you go from here to there (from one shoulder to the other). Space is always the same, more or… Read more

Our own Instruction Manual

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Not so long ago there was a fashionable saying that went: “not only is life complicated, but we weren’t given the instruction manual!” As jokes go it’s a neat way of summing up the concept of existential complexity. Difficult to decipher, it is harder still to resolve, daughter as it… Read more

The Secret Manual

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2500 years ago in China there lived a Taoist master called “Master Spirit of the Valley”. He had been a disciple of Lao Tzu, the author of the Tao Te Ching, a less famous disciple than others  on account of his very complex esoteric teachings. Difficult to grasp, they were… Read more

Gift your friends with some clarity!

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As we move into this Holiday season, Easy Coaching offers you the possibility to gift yourself or your friends a 60 minutes Coaching session to experience directly the power and effectiveness of Coaching to lighten up shadow zones, focus objectives, expand choice range, find out the easiest path to satisfy… Read more

What can Coaching do for you?

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One of the challenges a Coach has to face is to explain to those who have never experienced a Coaching session why and to whom it may be useful.
I think that sharing the testimonials of those who have tried it at least once may contribute to clarify the areas… Read more

Happy Birthday Easy Coaching!

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Exactly 1 year ago, on August 29th, 2013, the newborn Easy Coaching website published its first post.  Since then, another 40 posts have been published totaling 6,017 visits and 41,463 page views. Top single day visits  have been 821!  The Easy Coaching Facebook page was born at the same time,… Read more

Half is not enough!

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Five months ago, on March 22nd, in the poetical city of love, world famous Verona, I presented at the XI ICF (International Coach Federation) Italia National  Conference my speech on “Eastern Wisdom and the Spirit of Coaching”. Before my turn, due after the mid-morning coffe break, another very good speaker… Read more

Our Comfort Zone

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This video clarifies the meaning of “Comfort Zone” and why do we need to know what it is in order to acquire awareness and responsibility.
It comes after the 5 videos with the Easy Exercises which made us experience different interactive modalities with the outer world and ourselves.
In this… Read more

Our Passions and Values

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Let’s complete the 5th and final Easy Exercise to discover our comfort zones. The first part of this journey of discovery is now complete. Perform this exercise and get ready for next Easy Coaching video where I will explain what to do once you have discovered your comfort zones and… Read more

“Don’t correct”

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The vast and undefinable relationship between the internal world of the Coach and the external world brought by the Coachee is one of the things which has fascinated me the most since I first set out on the journey of Coaching. I want to share with you what once, in… Read more

Let’s train ourselves shifting hands when we eat our lunch

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In this video the 4th Easy Exercise to discover our Comfort Zone. We can train ourselves in an Easy way by shifting hands while eating our lunch. In this way a daily routine becomes a learning experience useful to discover how different and difficult it is to change one of… Read more

ACC certification (Associate Certified Coach) approved by ICF!

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Here it is! Read more

Our happiness is in our hands

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http://www.bbncommunity.com/happiest-man-on-earth-is-a-buddhist-monk/ What the article is telling us is no big news, as this has been proved many times in the past 30 years of scientific researches. Nevertheless it is always good to hear that our happiness depends on us and our drive to work on it.
As I wrote in… Read more

What do the first three Easy Exercises I shared with you have in common?

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Let’s review the meaning and usefulness of the first three Easy Exercises I have described to discover your comfort zone. In this short video I try to clarify what is their use. Please let me know if I made any sense. If not do write me your questions and share… Read more

Let’s practice together a Tai Chi exercise to relax and discover our comfort zone

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In this video you will find an Easy Exercise, the third so far, to experience our comfort zone through a relaxing physical (still) movement. You can do it by standing as horses do while sleeping, relaxed but aware of their surroundings. This position comes from the millenary tradition of Tai… Read more

What I found out by driving my Samurai around

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I would like to share with you what I discovered practicing the first Easy Exercise, the one of taking my Samurai for a car ride. This exercise was not aimed at improving your car driving style nor at making you a safer driver, even though it would be a beneficial… Read more

Let’s use our telephone to discover our comfort zone

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Let’s use our telephone to discover out comfort zone in an Easy way! Let’s keep practicing with the 2° Easy Exercise, the smiling phone call! Let’s try, gradually increasing the number of gentle calls, to activate a welcoming, warm, gentle and smiling phone call attitude for a week. Please share… Read more

Let’s explore together our comfort zone

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Let’s do some work out together. This is the first Easy Exercise out of the five I have devised to let you discover, through personal experience, your comfort zone. When you do this exercise, try to be aware of the different state you are in from the usual, everyday mental… Read more

The importance and pleasure to ask others for help

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I never liked to ask for help. I hated to do so while traveling. I always thought that to stop, get out of the car or worse, to pull down the window and ask for information, was unpractical and awkward. I think that many people, especially males, are convinced that… Read more

Is the Coach a Winemaker?

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What do Coaching and Wine have in common ?
Don’t miss the opportunity to find out why Coaching and Wine are so intimately connected! The video is completed at the end with a short special “Making Of” with self-critical subtitles (ever heard of such a thing???). Enjoy! Salute!Read more

Bodhisattva vow and Coaching

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One of the most appealing concept in Tibetan Buddhism is the Bodhisattva vow, which is renouncing to enter the Nirvana state until all sentient beings will do the same. Their commitment is to help others without worrying for themselves. It is a simple but profound concept which goes a long… Read more

Coaching and Meditation

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Daniel Goleman post on the importance of presence and awareness at work, in order not to be carried away by distractions (http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20131006135154-117825785-mindfulness-when-focus-means-single-tasking) inspired me to write and share a few considerations about the relationship between Coaching and Eastern philosophies, those who promote the search for inner balance, increased awareness, self… Read more

Video No. 1. The meaning of the word “Coach”

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Take a look at this video if you want to know why a Coach is also a “Carriage” in some way…… Read more

How can Coaching help you?

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Please have a look at this video.
It is the first one of a series called “How can Coaching help you?”… Read more

How has Coaching grown so rapidly?

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Just as simple as that! Try yourself to see if it does work for you as well as for the 99% of the Coaching clients base who answered this poll.… Read more

Your first Coaching session is just a click away!

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This is my first Easy Coaching posting, where I present, introduce and welcome you to this site!
My name is Gaetano Ruvolo and I am a professional Coach, member of ICF (International Coach Federation). I do not want to restate who I am and what I have done in my… Read more