Sport Mental Coaching


Sport Mental Coaching started in US more than thirty years ago, based on the studies and personal experiences of Timothy Gallwey, one the founding fathers of Coaching. It can be considered the very start of the Coaching methodology which, from sport, has then developed in the business world (business coaching) and in private life (life coaching).
Coaching applied to sport has progressed further with excellent results, improving athletes and team performances, both in amateur and professional worlds. Sport Mental Coaching starts from the person skills and characteristics, working with those so that they may be expressed without the limiting interferences of personal fears and expectations (positive or negative).
We all have had sport and competition experiences where, for some reasons, we were not able to do what we normally do in a less stressful situations, as during training. Sport Mental Coaching helps us effectively to concentrate with full awareness on the athletic gestures and movements which our body is naturally capable of expressing, when freed by mental preoccupations of results.