Easy Coaching


What does Easy Coaching stand for?
Easy Coaching is a new innovative service aimed at making Coaching available to everyone: private citizens, young people, students, professionals, small entrepreneurs. Who says that only big company managers and executives may have the opportunity to be supported in discovering their inner unconditioned wishes, strengths and competences? We all have expectations we want to fulfill and Coaching is a powerful tool in making this happen. Coaching is a real help in making dreams become achievable, concrete, real.

What is Easy Coaching offering?
Easy Coaching wants to make your first step, to get a taste and experience Coaching effortlessly, Easy! All you need is the desire to do something for yourself. Internet helps you in this as it allows to increase the knowledge of people and events without moving from home, thus saving time and money. The offers you will find here take into account these savings allowing us to keep prices at a minimum level while enjoying the unique and qualified benefits which Coaching has to offer.

Why Coaching?
Coaching is a very powerful tool to help people of any age and condition to get a clearer view of their life, clarify their needs, set realistic targets and reach them by using their energies and skills holistically or learning how to use new ones.

Why Easy?
The first step is usually the hardest. We need to overcome our restraints, look for the «right» Coach, ask for a demo session, do not overpay. Easy Coaching wants to facilitate this initial step, to make it really Easy!

How can you start the process?
— If you already know what Coaching is and how you can benefit from it, you can book your first free demo session with me. It is a 30 minutes session, free of charge, to be done via Skype or telephone.  «Book your free demo session»  by filling the form and suggesting the dates and timing more convenient to you. I will contact you via e mail, within 24 hours, to confirm the appointment.
— If you need more information about Coaching you can take a look at the section  About Coaching or send me a mail with your doubts and questions (Contacts). I will e mail you back with the answers or give you an appointment to talk over the phone.
 If you want to start a Coaching partnership fill the form  «Plan your Coaching partnership» and I will contact you for a preliminary demo session (free of charge) where lenght and sessions frequency will be agreed, together with your objectives, sessions modality (face to face, telephone or Skype) and financials. A simple contract will be then drawn and sent to you with all the agreed details (you will need to sign it back) together with ICF Code of Ethics.

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