• I started the journey with Gaetano a bit ‘hesitant and doubtful, but at that time in fact my head was like a tangle of ideas all valid but to which I could not give the right set up. The coaching sessions have been a great help, they made me think, they removed the patina of confusion one at a time, thinning out the doubts and putting all my good intentions on a straight road, bright and secure. I cannot but thank Gaetano for his great seriousness and professionalism.

Domenico Lercara, Facility Manager Specialist, BuildUp
January 2014

  • After 16 years spent in global enterprises management I never thought that any “soft skills” approach could reverse a complex organizational problem into its own very solution, unleashing effective results as rapidly as coaching with Gaetano has done.
    I did not know what was in coaching for me and my organization until I found myself engaged in a process that very quickly transformed our way of looking at issues and striving for solutions, revealing a much more effective way to get things done (that is, the “right” things).
    Coaching with Gaetano has been a powerful process of lowering noise, letting sound knowledge emerge clearly and unbiased.
    What seemed to be a very complex and confused situation quickly worked out through each session, unfolding a path to clarity and determination, where the identification of real issues, concrete obstacles and actual possibilities became distinct from secondary incidents, temporary challenges and weak potentiality options.
    Coaching has done in 6 sessions what would have taken months to address and resolve with management analysis followed by mechanical adjustment through trial and failure: it simply brought up a clear vision of the actual problems together with a very practical path of actions for the implementation of effective solutions. Actions identified during the sessions and the responsibility I took into implementing them consistently resulted in management and organizational improvements.
    I had set an holistic and intentionally high goal during my introduction interview and I found before my very eyes that it was fully achieved by the end of the last session. If I were to advise a professional or a friend on a way to get out of an impossible bottle neck, a challenging crossroad or a stagnant condition that impedes development, without wasting time and money, without threading another loose-end that gives poor or no actual results,  I would sincerely recommend to invest their two cents on something that really works, fast and sure, as coaching with Gaetano does.

Maria Grazia Testa, Transition Director and Senior Implementation Manager, Unisys
November 2013

  • Gaetano is very insightful, and held with trust the silences to draw out different perspectives from me. I thoroughly enjoyed Gaetano’s depth of questions, and the ease with which he identified potential. Gaetano asked questions which always drew me to a need to access deeper what exactly is the meaning of what I am discussing. The “unsaid” was drawn out gently, and yet with challenge. I learned that learning never stops. Gaetano’s wise coaching style made it even more clear that I have to unlearn a lot of habitual ways of being (and that is fine), to make room for a more coaching way of being. Altogether a great experience. As regards changes, one is clarity in becoming a better coach, both by example from Gaetano’s style, and by drawing out more inner resources for ways to hold wiser and action oriented coaching conversations. I can see my own potential, and yet know that I will never be perfect.
    Excellent coaching experience with Gaetano! Over 6 sessions, and with a sort of run down in the last session, I have gained real clarity to the issues we discussed in the coaching conversation. Gaetano’s questions have left a real impression on me, and am glad to have made this connection. Thank you

Divyesh Shah, Coach, Sydney, Aus.
September 2013

  • I have found Gaetano’s coaching style comfortable, focused and respectful. His timely and accurate re-phrasing has helped me preventing mind wandering and deepened my presence as a coachee. Through my coaching sessions with Gaetano I have discovered that one of my beliefs was a limiting factor in my entrepreneurial approach. This awareness has opened up a new operative channel and the urgency to deal with it. Gaetano’s coaching approach has widened my professional options range and dismounted my belief that some of these options were more effective regardless of contest and coachee.

Toni Montevidoni, Owner, Fair Coach and Girasole s.r.l.
October 2013

  • Gaetano was very easy to relate to. He was careful, deliberate and very effective. His manner was direct, straightforward, professional and accessible. Gaetano mirrored well and created connection in that process. He was very careful to understand what I shared before communicating. He asks excellent questions. Professionally I felt Gaetano struck a good balance between being professional and still accessible. He was business like and down to earth at the same time. I found him very easy to communicate with. Personally: Gaetano helped me realize, again, what I truly value and how acknowledging that and aligning my behaviors to it have helped me find and stay “in center”. As a result of being more consistently centered I have found myself more focused and present in the moment with my clients.

Kenneth “Ken”  Burger, SPHR, CEG   (Coaching Essentials Graduate), Executive, Corporate and Life Coach
July 2013

  • I barely knew Coaching and I must say that I did benefit from it a lot more than I thought at the beginning. What struck me during the Coaching partnership with Gaetano has been the discovery of having many of the answers I was looking for right inside me. Thanks to the work done with him, I have changed my leadership style within the organization and our team work has become a lot more effective and concrete.

Andrea Dell’Angelo, General manager, ASIA Onlus
December 2012

  • I approached Coaching with a lot of curiosity but also with some perplexity on its practical applications. In reality it has been illuminating! It has helped me to clarify and focus on my objectives, together with the tools and the work needed to reach them. And it worked. Besides Gaetano has shown excellent Coaching skills which, together with his great humanity, make him a surprisingly effective Coach.

Alessio Falsetti, CEO, Imagimotion Srl
December 2012

  • I followed a Coaching partnership with Gaetano Ruvolo in 2012, to solve some relation problems I was having in the company I was working with at the time. His support and the time spent talking about things apparently not directly connected to each other have helped me enormously to manage aspects of my personality I was less confident with, thus promoting a general improvement in my relations to others.

Nadia, Roma
October 2012