Experience your golf with a ICF Mental Coach

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golfer with busy headStop chatting about it! Would you like to lower the volume of your inner talk? Experience directly (and for free!) the real power of your game with a ICF Mental Coach!

With the help of a coach you will discover how to reduce the mental interference which influence your golf and your self-esteem.

Timothy Gallwey, inventor of modern coaching, has discovered and theorized in his books, the worldwide famous INNER GAME series, that your opponent is not the one at the other side of the tennis court but the one inside yourself.

In occasion of the ICF International Coaching Week, for the first time in Italy, three Italian Inner Game practitioners and students of Timothy will help you neutralize the interference which do not let you realize your game on the golf court.

Here you can find all the info needed to book your personal coaching session at the Parco di Roma golf course: Locandina evento Golf Mental Coaching

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