Coaching is tricky…

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rialzarsi da terra da bebe“Coaching is tricky. It forces you to analyse and look again at the things you do.

It forces you to move and sweat. It lifts you from the ground and makes you see things differently.

It encourages and pushes you to modify your certainties and look for something more useful to all.

It puts you on a constant quest to leave your comfort zone behind as it did not include nor made you take any risk.

It makes you leave the shore and gets you to the other side.”

These are the words pronounced by one of my coaching clients at the beginning of the third session of our coaching relationship, which has the objective of improving delegation and motivation skills.

I am sharing these thoughts, with my client’s permission, because they show very clearly how coaching works and what it causes to the people who use it.

As the “father of Coaching”, Timothy Gallwey says: “Coaching facilitates and increases the mobility of people”.

Mobility is the base of our evolution.

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