Happy Second Birthday Easy Coaching!

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happy-second-birthday-13Today, August 29th 2015, is the second birthday of Easy Coaching website  and I would like to celebrate it by catching a few minutes of your attention to share some thoughts on Coaching and Easy Coaching  mission.

One clear benefit of having a website blog is to write, therefore externalize, what is floating more or less unknowingly in our consciousness. The act of writing forces you to think, confront yourself, use words to let your feelings, emotions, hopes and expectations take form. Writing, as well as reading, makes us more aware of what others think and allows us to perceive and connect to what we have inside.

Listening to others and ourselves is probably the secret of Coaching effectiveness and success. Many times, at the end of a coaching session, especially the initial ones, I have been told: “I have never spent so much time listening to myself speaking”, or “nobody has ever listened to me for so long”. During a coaching session the voices of coach and coachee never overlap or struggle to be heard. There is always one person speaking and the other listening. They simultaneously share the mindful silence of the one who listens and the sound of one voice painting, searching, discovering, explaining, streaming inner concepts in a row. While these emerge from the throat with the vibrant energy of their sound somehow also find their own meaning. Words coming from heart and mind holding the thread which connects them. What was obscure, hazy, uncertain, coming out into open takes in the light and transforms itself  in clear objectives and concrete actions to meet them. A delicate method, respectful, which requires a professional habit and commitment to inner silence and active listening.

Easy Coaching mission has remained the same as stated in my first post published exactly two years ago: “Make available the tools and the power of Coaching to all those who want or feel the need for it in an Easy way!”. My plan for the next few months will exactly be that of presenting you, whether  an individual or a company, the essence, the inner core of coaching tools to let you move towards your desires, without stumbling, never short of breath, with a smile on your face and the eyes open to catch what you will find in front of you during your journey.

Thank you for having been close to me with supporting presence, respect and open heart. I hope we will continue this exploration together.

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