What can Coaching do for you?

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Four colored doors

One of the challenges a Coach has to face is to explain to those who have never experienced a Coaching session why and to whom it may be useful.
I think that sharing the testimonials of those who have tried it at least once may contribute to clarify the areas and the results of this powerful tool for individual and team growth.
Here’s what some of the people who have tried a Coaching session with me have said:
“The other day I have found very interesting to understand that the path you are proposing can be a “simple” (even though very serious) and useful resource, interesting and relatively fast for each of us, ready to be used in those inevitable moments of inner confusion and professional unease which, for various reasons, we all experiment in life, often more than once”
“What struck me was the discovery of having many of the answers I was looking for right inside me”
“It has helped me to clarify and focus on my objectives, together with the tools and the work needed to reach them”
“I can now see my own potential, and yet know that I will never be perfect”
“To free oneself from an impossible bottleneck, a complex croassroad o a stagnant situation which prevents any development”
“A clear vision of our real problems coupled with a very practical action plan to enforce effective solutions…”
“…a very complex and confused situation quickly worked out through each session, unfolding a path to clarity and determination, where the identification of real issues, concrete obstacles and actual possibilities became distinct from secondary incidents, temporary challenges and weak potentiality options.”
Can you now perceive the door which can introduce you to the discovering of yourself?

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