What I found out by driving my Samurai around

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Samurai in my carI would like to share with you what I discovered practicing the first Easy Exercise, the one of taking my Samurai for a car ride. This exercise was not aimed at improving your car driving style nor at making you a safer driver, even though it would be a beneficial side effect for you and other drivers involved, but that of discovering something about us and our daily behavior and attitude, as we are so used to it that we do not pay much attention to what we normally happen to do.

My first discovery was the tension in my belly. When I did the exercise, looking at the Samurai armor image, slowing my car speed and taking a deep breath in, I realized that I was keeping my abdomen muscles tight, either to keep something inside or as a shield from outside.

The second thing I discovered was the way I perceived the others. Before starting to practice all other drivers were like enemies I had to keep an eye on and label colorfully (as***les, misfits, sleepy morons, idiots, old farts, arrogant kids…), people I could expect any sort of misbehaving. As soon as I did the Easy Exercise I switched to a different mode, detached and not judgmental, perceiving others like people with different characteristics than myself but equally entangled in the daily business of survival through hurried moves of frenzy actions.

Now it’s your turn! What have you discovered? Something interesting which you did not expect? Please share your experiences, they will be useful to everybody. Grazie.

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