Bodhisattva vow and Coaching

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Bodhisattva tibetan thangkaOne of the most appealing concept in Tibetan Buddhism is the Bodhisattva vow, which is renouncing to enter the Nirvana state until all sentient beings will do the same. Their commitment is to help others without worrying for themselves. It is a simple but profound concept which goes a long way beyond conceptual reality. The principle which sustains this vow is that there is absolutely no difference in the potential all humans have to become enlightened: anybody can become a Buddha! If I can “see” this I am able to help others to recognize this capability.

With Coaching the guiding principle is the same: a Coach is intimately convinced that every human being has a potential to develop, a treasure to be uncovered. This belief makes him respect deeply the partner he is working with. By putting the “other” in first place, the Coach recognizes his peculiarities and differences and helps him to unveil his hidden, suppressed, silenced skills, limited by inner and outer circumstances.

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