Your first Coaching session is just a click away!

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Risate tra il riso
This is my first Easy Coaching posting, where I present, introduce and welcome you to this site!
My name is Gaetano Ruvolo and I am a professional Coach, member of ICF (International Coach Federation). I do not want to restate who I am and what I have done in my professional life, as you can read all that on the Easy Coaching site. I just want to make clear what is the Mission which this site wants to pursue: make available the tools and the power of Coaching to all those who want or feel the need for it in an Easy way!

What does that mean? What is it that I want to make easy? I want to make your first step of entering into the Coaching world as easy as possible, so that you only need a click to start. If you access the Easy Coaching site (easycoaching) where you can read all the information about myself and Coaching you need, then fill in this simple form to request a free 30 minute demo session via telephone or Skype with me on any subject of your choice.
If you are shy, pensive or hesitant and would like to know more and understand better before taking a decision, write to me and ask me any questions to which you did not find an answer on this site. I will soon be posting videos, articles, links here and the Easy Coaching Facebook page to help you understand what Coaching is, how it works and why it is so successful (on my next post I will share the results of an ICF Global Study on How has Coaching grown so rapidly).
I look forward greatly to welcoming you to the start of this journey of self discovery and unlocking your FULL potential.

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2 responses to “Your first Coaching session is just a click away!”

  1. Cristina says:

    In bocca al lupo! 🙂

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