ACC certification (Associate Certified Coach) approved by ICF!

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Our happiness is in our hands

Posted on December 29th, by Gaetano in Blog. No Comments What the article is telling us is no big news, as this has been proved many times in the past 30 years of scientific researches. Nevertheless it is always good to hear that our happiness depends on us and our drive to work on it.
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What do the first three Easy Exercises I shared with you have in common?

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Let’s review the meaning and usefulness of the first three Easy Exercises I have described to discover your comfort zone. In this short video I try to clarify what is their use. Please let me know if I made any sense. If not do write me your questions and share… Read more

Let’s practice together a Tai Chi exercise to relax and discover our comfort zone

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In this video you will find an Easy Exercise, the third so far, to experience our comfort zone through a relaxing physical (still) movement. You can do it by standing as horses do while sleeping, relaxed but aware of their surroundings. This position comes from the millenary tradition of Tai… Read more

What I found out by driving my Samurai around

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I would like to share with you what I discovered practicing the first Easy Exercise, the one of taking my Samurai for a car ride. This exercise was not aimed at improving your car driving style nor at making you a safer driver, even though it would be a beneficial… Read more